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Wenxin ZHANG, Master course 2nd year


Mengnan SONGNowadays, Artificial Intelligence is the most popular topic, and which is also the main issue in FURUZUKI lab. The FURUZUKI lab commits to the analysis, design and application of the Artificial intelligence technology in order to deal with the operation and behavior of the complex system in real world. Currently, we are mainly focusing on the basic theory and application research interdisciplinary field which including

  1. Statistical machine learning and applications
  2. Optimization of large scale computation
  3. Data mining
  4. Computer vision
  5. System identification and control theory
  6. Bioinformatics

Through the research and improvement on the traditional methods, we have built our own modeling method and applied it well in solving the real problems. In the future, we will put our eyes into the issue of large scale data.

FURUZUKI lab is place with strong academic atmosphere. When you fell confused, the experience of predecessors is the most valuable nutrients; when you wandering around cannot find the answer, a discuss with classmates will open your mind; when you work behind the closed door and cannot see far away, sharing from others in the seminar will open a bright window for you. Academically, our Pro.FURUZUKI is a teacher with rigorous scholarship; in daily life, he is a kind man. So, all you need to achieve a success in FURUZUKI lab is curiosity.

Now in FURUZUKI lab, there are 7 doctors and 12 masters here, though people come from many places, we are like a family. You will mistake the truly life as a foreign student if you take it boring. We all hold that work comes first, but beside the intense study, we have many kinds of activities making our life here rich and colorful.

So until now, how do you think the FURUZUKI lab? If you keen to study and wish a wonderful life, we will very welcome you to surf in our magic machine learning world.

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