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現政研セミナー開催5月30日(火)10:30~12:10(発表者:Amy Catalinac先生)the WINPEC Seminar on May 30th.


【場所】早稲田大学 3号館10 第一会議室

【報告者】Amy Catalinac(エイミー・カタリナック)先生(Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, New York University


Positioning Under Alternative Electoral Systems: Evidence From 7,192 Japanese Candidate Election Manifestos


Do candidates position themselves differently under different electoral systems and is their positioning in line with the expectations of spatial theories?  We reexamine these core political science questions using substantively-meaningful estimates of candidate ideological positions derived from quantitative scaling of 7,192 Japanese-language election manifestos used by candidates competing in the eight elections to Japan’s House of Representatives (HOR) on either side of its 1994 electoral reform.  Leveraging variation before and after Japan’s electoral reform, as well as within each electoral system, we find that candidates converge in single member districts and diverge in multi-member districts, and converge on their co-partisans when not facing intraparty competition and diverge when they do. Our study helps to clarify debates about the effects of electoral systems, in Japan and more generally.



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