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社会経済ネットワーク研究部会 5月16日(火)10:30~12:10(佐藤仁志先生)



【会場】3号館12階 ディスカッションルーム

【発表者】佐藤仁志 様(JETRO アジア経済研究所 開発センター上席主任調査研究員)

【タイトル】The Internationalization of Firms and Management Practices: A Survey of Firms in Viet Nam


This study examines the role of management practices in the internationalization of domestic firms through directly exporting and/or supplying to local affiliates of multinationals. An original survey of manufacturing firms in Viet Nam was conducted, investigating their management practices such as human resource management and internationalization status. The survey results shed light on similarities and dissimilarities among firms in several dimensions of management practices. We found that internationalized firms tended to be more enthusiastic about the formal training of production workers, the modernization of production and operation, and product and process innovation. Differences in skills and experience requirements for newly employed managers were less recognizable, but internationalized firms tended to have managers who studied overseas. Furthermore, the use of public support to employee training, teamwork in production, and unionization of employees did not show a significant difference between internationalized and non-internationalized firms.



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