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The SPSE Sessions at the Open [email protected] Waseda Held on August 3, August 4

The Open [email protected] Waseda will be held on August 3, August 4 at Waseda Campus. The School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE) will take an active part in the event and hold various kinds of events and sessions for prospective students.

For the SPSE English-based Degree Program
★[Information Session on SPSE and Mock Lecture Conducted in English]
In the former part, the information session, we will introduce SPSE and give an overview of English-based Degree Program.
In the latter part, Associate Professor Marisa Kellam will conduct a mock lecture titled “The ‘D-word’: Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy”.

Time:   August 4 (Sun.) 13:30~14:45 ※Enter or exit anytime
Venue:  Building 3, 405 (on the 4th floor), Waseda Campus

★[Individual Consultations with Staff and Current Students]
Feel free to talk with staff and current students to learn more about not only the characteristics and admissions of SPSE, but also various aspects of life at Waseda.

Time:   August 3 (Sat.) 13:30~16:00, August 4 (Sun.) 13:30~16:00
Venue:  Building 3, B1F, Reading Room, Waseda Campus

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