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This was the ideal environment for studying global economics, where talented individuals with diverse values gathered from around the world.



Yee Hong Yi
Employed at GIC
Graduated in September 2016 from the Economics Major
English-Based Degree Program
Originally graduated from Temasek Junior College, Singapore

Professor Veszteg’s freshman class on game theory, which analyses the motivation and actions of people from a microeconomic perspective, marked the start of my specialization in this segment of microeconomics. During my time in university, I elected to take seminars specializing in game theory and microeconomics led by Professor Veszteg. We held seminar house “camps” every semester, where I spent valuable time studying and interacting with friends and classmates. I hear that this custom is now a tradition, with new seminar batches also holding these camps.

For my graduation thesis, I examined the topic of corporate governance in Japan and the motivations of Japanese CEOs. While the Japanese economy is one of the essential global markets, it is often said that there are many unique characteristics that is not present in other economies. I analyzed this interesting phenomenon from the perspective of microeconomics.

When I was in university, I had the opportunity to interact with countless people from around the world. By interacting with individuals from myriad backgrounds and experiences, I was able to broaden my horizons, thinking from various perspectives and dealing flexibly with change and differences. During my time in Waseda University, I made lifelong friends who support and challenge me to become better each day. Even after graduation, we continue to support one another and we have each gone on to blaze our own trails internationally.

Why not try taking your first step onto the global stage from the field of political science and economics.

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