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Future lawyer with an international economics background






Jung Hyun Ho
Currently, Juris Doctor Student at Sydney Law School,
The University of Sydney
2019 B.A. Economics, School of Political Science and Economics (EDP), Waseda University


When I was asked to reflect on my experiences at Waseda, I took some time to look back at the personal statement I wrote for my entrance examinations in late 2014. One of the sentences in it was: “I believe Waseda University and its School of Political Science and Economics will equip me with skills that will enable me to become a highly competent individual, who is ready to take on the demanding challenges of the 21st century.”

Now, six years have passed, and I realised that the school had indeed prepared me to tackle tough challenges, to not be afraid of reaching greater heights, and to make a positive impact on the world. Simply put, studying economics at Waseda was both rigorous and rewarding.

Considering that my focus was on international economics, I was also able to look at things from a global perspective, and as I start practicing as a lawyer in various international jurisdictions, this synergy effect will become even more evident. With the skills acquired at both Waseda University and Sydney Law School, I hope to eventually be able to contribute to the global community as a lawyer, with a firm grounding in international law.

Outside the classrooms of Building 3, the diverse experiences at Waseda allowed me to forge strong relationships with peers from all around the world, and these friendships are the most valuable assets that I will ever have. The days in Waseda are gone, but the lessons learnt remain, and if I were ever asked to state the best moments of my life, it would be when I was still a student at Waseda.

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