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Friends and professors who helped me realize my goal

Jiaying (Jane) Hu
Currently, Graduate Student at the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business
2018 B.A. Economics, School of Political Science and Economics (EDP), Waseda University
Originally graduated from the Affiliated High School of Peking University


Just a couple of months after finishing my final semester at the School of Political Science and Economics in Waseda, I began my graduate program at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA). My experience at Waseda helped me achieve this goal.

One of the advantages of studying at Waseda is the diverse cultural experience that you can have. Through various team projects and school events, we get to collaborate with peers with completely different cultural backgrounds. These opportunities allow us to work better as a team player, which is essential for future careers.

Another advantage is that Waseda offers a wide variety of course fields for you to experiment with. There are abundant academic resources under each department, and it is also possible for students to take courses from other departments. These resources helped me a lot in determining my interested field for graduate study, as well as digging deeper and getting more prepared for the graduate program.

However, for me, the most precious aspects of my time at Waseda are the friends that I made who supported me along the way and the professors who were always so helpful. I am especially thankful for my seminar professor, Professor Shimokawa, for all the training he gave me. He helped me a lot towards realizing my goal of graduating in three years and receiving an offer from my dream graduate school.

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