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Jiang Wenhao
Currently, Ph.D. student in Sociology at New York University
Graduated 2020, Double-Degree from Waseda University
and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


My name is Jiang Wenhao, and I was born and raised in China. I joined Waseda SPSE in 2018 as a Double Degree Program student after three years of study in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After earning my degree in Economics in 2020, I am now pursuing my doctoral degree of Sociology in New York University.

Waseda helped prepare my studies for graduate school in two important ways. First, SPSE’s training in data analysis that are burgeoning in both academia and industry provided me with various methodological tools for social science research. The course of Machine Learning, for instance, not only helped me build a more comprehensive profile in data-analytical skills when I applied for graduate school, but kept benefiting me in my own research and research assistance work that involve complex data. Second, SPSE’s collegial environment of faculty-student relationship offered me valuable opportunities to conduct research with faculty members, which were indispensable for my intellectual development. The academic relationships that I built in Waseda, especially through participating in the one-year long Advanced Seminar, both enriched my research experience and expanded my academic connections for my future career.

Waseda also offered several great platforms where I built close friendships with fellow students with shared interests. In 2019, I participated with three other international students in Waseda’s first Data Science Competition, where we spent a great amount of time together collecting data, constructing models, dining out, and having long discussions of various personal and social issues. It became such a memorable experience for me that I can still recall the warm ambience of Tokyo in July after the sunset when we typically started our enjoyable talks.





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