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Laying a strong foundation for graduate school



M.A. International Affairs
School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
2018 B.A. Global Political Economy
School of Political Science and Economics (EDP), Waseda University
Originally graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language School, China



Having graduated two years ago, I continue to feel the benefit that I received from my time spent at Waseda. At Waseda, I confirmed my academic interest and decided to pursue a master’s degree. The rigorous training in economic and political principles laid a strong foundation for me when I dug deeper into graduate school topics.

Other than excellent intellectual support, Waseda provided me experience with enormous diversity. I became familiar with various approaches to policy issues, including empirical methods, emphasizing accuracy, and philosophical ones, which focus more on human experiences. Such a nice balance enabled me to blend well into the discussion in graduate classrooms and, further, to bring fresh perspectives to my graduate program.

Diversity existed in my daily interaction with professors and peers from all around the world. At Waseda, I met talented students who brought different views but shared the same sense of respect and a keen interest in political issues. Our conversations strengthened my faith in mutual understanding and motivated me to commit to international relations.

The seminar system is another unique benefit I often think back on. Through seminars, I received comprehensive mentorship from encouraging professors and created strong bonds with both the mentor and fellow students who share similar academic interests. Even now, I always gain support and inspiration from relationships I established at Waseda.

Advice for current and prospective students:

Intellectual life at Waseda is great, but do not limit yourself to the classroom. Explore every aspect as a student, go to special lectures, join circles, hang out with friends. These are not just for fun but will pay back more than you can imagine in the future.

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