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There is no fixed path at Waseda. Inside or outside classrooms, you are allowed to open up your own way. Waseda is where it all begins.



Employed at Deloitte Advisory Hong Kong
Graduated in September 2018 from the Political Science Major
English-Based Degree Program
Originally graduated from Shenzhen Experimental School (Senior Section), China


Looking back on my years at Waseda, what I treasured the most, besides the intellectual environment and sophisticated education, was the inspiring faculty who encouraged and supported me to broaden my horizons in academia and the stimulating peers who motivated me to commit to a cause that I truly care about. At Waseda, we don’t stick to stereotypes but embrace the diversity and build mutual trust through understanding each other’s thoughts and values.

When I relocated to Hong Kong for work right after graduation, I could instantly adapt to the new normal thanks to the nourishments from the years at Waseda. To provide solutions to management issues, my day job not only requires in-depth understanding of the business of clients from different industries and sectors, but also involves interactions with C-level executives on a daily basis. Fortunately, Waseda had cultivated my communication skills in a multicultural context and my way of thinking with regards to various political, economic and socio-cultural factors.

Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University, once set forth the mission for the school “to uphold the independence of learning and to promote the practical utilization of knowledge.” As a proud alumna, I have witnessed the dedication of Waseda to constantly putting into practice the purposes and principles for which it was established. It offers its students the opportunity to further their knowledge beyond textbooks and to experience at first hand what is shaping the contemporary society. I did a one-year exchange at New York University through the schools’ partnership and took courses from a variety of disciplines that had little to do with my major, including criminology, photography and even choreography.

The independent spirit, as reflected in students’ creativity and individuality, will remain memorable for the rest of my life as a symbol of my alma mater.

Advice for current or prospective students

Do not fear stepping out of your comfort zone. I realize now, with hindsight, that every challenge one faces is another opportunity to gain something new. College life is like a process of making a stained glass window. When you look at it up close, it doesn’t look like much. It’s not until after you step back – graduate and go out into the world – that you will see the colors molding together into a cohesive shape from which the real glamor shines through.




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