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Office Closure, September 4 (Fri) – September 7 (Mon)

Sent as a follow-up to the “Notice that all campuses will be closed due to a bomb threat on Friday, September 4,” posted at <>.

This is to inform you that temporary lockdown days, office closures owing to University holidays, and related administrative procedures are not covered by this policy.

Please note the following:

Date of prohibition: Friday, September 4 There is a ban on entering the Waseda campus on this day.
It will not be possible to make inquiries at the counter or by phone, as the Office will be closed owing to the ban. However, inquiries by email will continue to be handled as usual on that day

Separately, the Office will also be closed for University-designated holidays from September 5 (Saturday) to September 7 (Monday), inclusive. (Monday, September 7, is a weekday, but as it is a University-regulated holiday, the Office will not be open.) It will not be possible to make inquiries at the Office or by phone during this period. Inquiries by email and matters involving application forms will be handled from Tuesday, September 8. However, it will be possible to enter the campus during this period.

For inquiries concerning the above, please contact <[email protected]>.

N.B. The Global Entrance Examination scheduled for Sunday, September 6, will be held as scheduled.

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