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Understanding social interactions with the help of mathematics


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I teach and do research in game theory, which is a universal mathematical language to analyse human interactions. I would like my students to learn how rigorous mathematical reasoning can lead us to illuminating insights into human behaviour in many different circumstances, and why undesirable situations in society (conflict, poverty, inequality, inefficiency etc.) may persist. In one of my courses Law and Economics, I teach how law affects people’s incentives, their behaviour and efficiency. In my own research, I have studied how people communicate when they have incentives to lie, or to exaggerate what they actually think.

Economics at Waseda equips you with solid quantitative skills through microeconomics, macroeconomics, game theory and econometrics. Learning and applying mathematical and statistical methods may be intellectually challenging but will prove extremely useful for your future career. I am proud to work with my colleagues at SPSE who are both first-rate researchers and genuinely passionate about teaching.

I also would like our students to develop a broad intellect through informal interactions with professors. Especially in small classes, I like making provocative comments on random topics (news reports, politics, gossips, my own family etc.) to encourage students to think critically (and perhaps differently from others) about their observations and experiences that they may otherwise take for granted. Chit-chatting with students is one of my favourite parts of this profession!

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