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About Advanced Seminars

Advanced Seminars follow the “zemi” tradition at Waseda University. These seminars provide an opportunity for active learning and directed research among a small group of students and one professor from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics. Participation is not required for graduation but joining the Advanced Seminars can be a meaningful experience that enhances your university education.

Advanced Seminars are limited to 15 students, and they are designed as a two-year commitment on the part of the students and the professor. Students must apply to join a specific seminar and acceptance is determined by the professor. Beyond these basics, every seminar is different. Typically, seminars will have a specific theme or research focus designated by the professor and students will actively participate in the seminar. Some seminars involve additional activities outside of the class period, including field trips.

Writing a thesis is optional, but this option is only available to students participating in an Advanced Seminar. The thesis is written under the guidance of the student’s Advanced Seminar professor.

There are four Advanced Seminars, from Advanced Seminar I to Advanced Seminar IV, offered in the spring or fall semester by each professor, as listed below. Students must take them in numerical order starting from Advanced Seminar I and they cannot enroll in more than one at the same time.

• Advanced Seminar I in spring semester (no course in fall semester)
• Advanced Seminar II in fall semester (no course in spring semester)
• Advanced Seminar III in spring semester (no course in fall semester)
• Advanced Seminar IV in fall semester (no course in spring semester)

Students who wish to enroll Advanced Seminar I must apply for and pass the selection held in March.

Professors Offering Advanced Seminars

Advanced Seminars are offered by the following professors. However, the available seminars vary from year to year, so please refer to the announcement from the SPSE office and the recruiting materials below for details.

• Professor Jou: comparative politics
• Professor Kellam: comparative politics
• Professor Ueda: political methodology
• Professor Chung: philosophy, politics, and economics
• Professor Asako: political economy
• Professor Koeda: macroeconomics
• Professor Tomura: macroeconomics
• Professor Shimokawa: development economics
• Professor Kawamura: microeconomics
• Professor Kvasov: microeconomics

For detailed information about each Advanced Seminar offered in the current year, click on the link below to view the recruiting materials prepared by the seminar professors.

Application and Course Registration Guide for Advanced Seminars


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