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Exhibition the research outcomes on ecosystem services around the Tokorozawa Campus at the “TOKORO no MORI Museum” held by Tokorozawa City.

At the “TOKORO no MORI Museum” held from 24th September to 1st October in 2021, we exhibited the outcomes of research activities on the natural environment around the Tokorozawa Campus, where has secondary forests and wetlands influenced by the human activities. Research outcomes on some types of ecosystem services were presented by Dr. Kentaro Kazama, Dr. Keiko Shibue and Dr. Motoshi Hiratsuka (Faculty of Human Sciences) and Mr. Daigo Takeuchi (Natural Environment Research Laboratory) who are members of “Research Project (A) for Establishing a Research Hub of Human Sciences” under the Waseda University Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences. During the period of the exhibition, there were more than 2,000 visitors, and we had opportunities to introduce our research activities to citizens who attracted a lot of interests.

トコロの森ポスター 標本展示
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