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A Webinar Series on: “A New Concept of the Corporation” Co-organized by RIETI, ECGI and WBF



A Webinar Series on:

“A New Concept of the Corporation”

Co-organized by RIETI, ECGI and WBF (Waseda University Institute for Business and Finance)

Part 4: June 18th 16:00~17:30 JST (08:00~09:30 BST, 09:00~10:30 CET)


Theme: The Role of Institutional Investors


Over the last few years, and particularly since the onset of COVID-19, the purpose of the corporation has been the subject of active debate. In place of shareholder value maximization, new definitions of corporate purpose have been proposed, and their implications for law, regulation, ownership, governance, measurement and performance of business have been much discussed.

On the occasion of the publication of the Japanese translation of Colin Mayer’s book “Prosperity: Better Business Makes the Greater Good” in March 2021, WBF (Institute of Business and Finance, Waseda University, together with RIETI (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry) and ECGI (European Corporate Governance Institute), jointly organize a webinar series on the new concept of the corporation, the EU/UK experience and its lessons for Japanese corporate governance reforms.

The fourth part of the webinar series will be held online via Zoom webinar (Japanese simultaneous interpretation) and YouTube Live (English only).  The schedule for the webinar will be between 16:00 and 17:30 Japan Standard Time on June 18th (Friday).  Please use the following link to register yourself.  We will send the URL link to the webinar to your registered e-mail address.


Details of This Webinar


Language: English (Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided)

Target audiences: Policy makers, market participants, fund managers, law firms, and financial academics



* Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainable finance

* Ownership of companies by long-term shareholders and portfolio investors

* Engagement and stewardship by institutional investors

* PRI signatories, do they really “walk the talk”?

* Accounting, measurement and valuation of corporate purpose

* Regulation of institutional investment

* The EU/UK/US experience of institutional investment and engagement

* Implications for Japan:

– Could institutional investors become long-term owners of Japanese companies?

– What role should institutional investors play in promoting purposeful businesses in Japan?

Moderators:  Icko Suzuki (WBF, ECGI)
Marco Becht (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ECGI)

Introduction: Icko Suzuki (WBF, ECGI) 5 min

Presentation 1: Colin Mayer (Oxford University, ECGI) 20 min

Presentation 2: Ranja Gibson (University of Geneva, Swiss Finance Institute, ECGI) 20 min

Commentator 1: Christina Ahmadjian (Hitotsubashi University) 10 min

Commentator 2: Yuki Ikehata (Asset Management One) 10 min

Q/A: 20 min hosted by Marco Becht (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ECGI)and Hideaki Miyajima (WBF, RIETI)

Closing: Hideaki Miyajima (WBF, RIETI) 3 min

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