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The list of the PDF version shows courses the students of the School of Commerce can take. Please find courses of  Fall Semester 2021(As of 09/09/2021) and Spring Semester 2021(As of 19/02/2021).
Please see Syllabus Search for more details of each course.

Besides the list, double degree and exchange students can take the Japanese language courses at the Center of the Japanese Language. Double degree students and exchange students can register up to 48 credits for one academic year. Double degree students can register up to 28 credits per semester and exchange students can register up to 24 credits per semester.

For exchange students, please refer to Course Registration Guide for Fall 2021.
How to register courses through MyWaseda
Application Form for Course Registration (only for specific subjects!)


Application ※For School-wide students only


  • All documents (except ID photo sheet) must be sent to [email protected] by e-mail.
  • All documents must be written in English or Japanese. If the original document is written in another language, Japanese or English translation must be attached.
  • This is the application procedure ONLY for School-wide students. University-wide students need to refer to the CIE website ( or contact  CIE office ([email protected]) for their application procedure.
All applicants must prepare documents 1 to 9
Instructions to apply for exchange program 2022 Spring Read the instruction carefully before getting ready with your application documents.
1. Application form Make sure to fill out all the required information.
2. Important Notice Regarding the Selection of Exchange Students Must be signed by the student and an exchange program coordinator of sending university.
3. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
  • COE is an official document issued by the Ministry of Justice. It is necessary for the “Student” Visa. Waseda University will apply for the COE at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau on behalf of students themselves, and send the certificate to your home institution as soon as it has been issued. Submit the COE with your visa application when you apply for the visa at your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.
  • Make sure to carefully complete 3 pages of the application form by following the instructions below. (sample)
    ◇Applicants themselves should complete all the forms using excel file, no hand writing acceptable.
  • Those who have a Japanese citizenship including dual citizenship CANNOT apply for a COE. Enter Japan with your Japanese passport.
4. Documents concerning defraying expenses for COE
  • You must prove you can cover expenses while in Japan with the following documents. The amount must be more than 1,000,000JPY/year or 500,000JPY/semester.
    You can combine A-C to meet the required amount:

A : If you are financing yourself
 <Official Bank Balance Certificate>
*If your bank does not issue a balance certificate, please ask your bank to issue a letter that states your most up-to-date balance with information on the name of the account holder, issuing date and signature of bank official and/or organization office stamp. A copy of a web page is accepted if all of the above information are on it.

B: If someone other than yourself is covering your expenses
 <Official Bank Balance Certificate of the person covering your expense & Agreement for Defraying Expenses >
*The person covering the expenses must be the same person you fill in, in the section 26 (3) on application form for COE.

C:If scholarship is covering your expenses
<Certificate of Scholarship>
*The Certificate (or letter) must clearly state the name of organization providing the fund to you, amount of scholarship available during your visiting period, issuing date and signature of the funding organization and/or stamp of the organization.

5. Copy of Passport (identification page) If the passport is to expire before enrolling at Waseda University, please renew it and submit it later.
6. Official Certificate of Enrollment issued by the home university The certificate must include: name of the university you are currently enrolled in, year you are in at the university (freshman, sophomore, etc.) at the time of this application, name of the school you are enrolled in, specification that you are attending as a full time student, and your scheduled graduation date.
7. Official Transcript Must include the grading system notes.
8. Language Proficiency Score
  • Native speakers do not need to submit the score report.
  • Only official certificate which is valid at the time of application is acceptable.
  • If you don’t have an English language certificate but are currently enrolled in a program where the primary language of instruction is English, certificate issued by your home university which confirms your enrollment will substitute for the language certificates.
  • JLPT N1 or equivalent are required if you are taking Commerce courses conducted in Japanese.
9. ID Photographs Paste your ID photo on the ID Photo sheet and send it to the following address by post.

School of Commerce, Waseda University 1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050 Japan

How to submit?

Documents 1 to 8: Attach the files and send an e-mail to [email protected]
ID Photographs: send it by post to School of Commerce, Waseda University 1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050 Japan

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