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Establishment and Outline

historyThe School of Commerce, Waseda University can trace its origins back to the establishment of the School of the Department of Commerce in 1904.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2004, the School of Commerce, Waseda University is one of the undergraduate school of any private university in Japan. Since its establishment, the school has considered one of its central goals to be the internationalization of business activities that are based on an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, the school has promoted education and research activities that emphasize the three basic principles of informatization, interdisciplinary studies, and internationalization.


Since its establishment, the school’s objective has been to develop business people with academic backgrounds. For the past 100 years, we have been delivering leaders that have, and will, play a pivotal role in building Japan’s industrial society. The school has also produced talented individuals that have played major roles in Japanese politics, the economy, and culture.

Furthermore, we have continued to actively pursue the internationalization of education and research at the School of Commerce to ensure that we are always ahead of the times and train individuals capable of succeeding in the global arena. In keeping with this enterprising spirit, in 1995 we were the first university in Japan to introduce a full-fledged semester system.

We have also introduced a new curriculum combining internationalization, informatization, and the shift to interdisciplinary studies. We believe that our mission is to develop talented business people that adopt global perspectives and succeed in the industrial and economic spheres.





Admissions Policy

With the aim of cultivating an “enterprising spirit”, which is the founding philosophy of Waseda University, our School welcomes unique students from all over Japan and the world who are highly motivated, have a high academic ability with vigorous intellectual curiosity, are able to formulate their own projects, and actively engage in various undertakings.

Cultivating “cultured business leaders” has been our educational philosophy since the foundation of the School of Commerce.

In addition to acquiring business skills such as communication and presentation skills, our School is also a place for individuals who strive to make judgments and take action after recognizing their own mission and role to understand the fundamental philosophy of “commerce” based on a wider perspective, with the aim of enriching the economy and society both in terms of quality and quantity.

For these reasons, both logical thinking and the academic abilities that form the foundation of the social sciences are indispensable.

It is our wish to accept students who intend to contribute to the global society as business leaders, as we aim to foster an enterprising (entrepreneurial) spirit that combines an international sense and ethical perspective, so that the students can become businesspeople who possess deep learning and culture.

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