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The School of Commerce of Waseda University has pursued one fundamental educational philosophy since its founding in 1904: “Cultivating cultured business leaders.” The School of Commerce has consistently aimed to train individuals so that they may demonstrate leadership in various fields, including business, in Japan and abroad—persons with specialized knowledge supported by education in history and culture and with high ethical standards.

One recent worldwide trend is the conflict between globalization and resistance to it. Yet, despite the opposition, there is little doubt that globalization will continue to progress in a broad range of domains. People living in the present era, particularly young adults, will increasingly learn that a firmly grounded education, particularly in history and culture, is important. The majority of graduates of the School of Commerce will enter the fields of business and management, and those leaders of enterprise will need the kind of education that the School of Commerce can best provide.

Our School’s Diploma Policy clearly states our goals: “Through practical and ethical research and the study of functions and systems concerning the distribution of resources, including labor, materials, money, and information, our School strives to make society more prosperous and abundant, both in quantity and quality.” Our emphasis obviously is not on teaching techniques for getting wealthy; it is on providing every student at the School of Commerce with education oriented toward contributing to the development of societies and economies.

In our fostering of individuals prepared to take leadership roles, “leadership” does not refer to social status or prestige, but, rather, to people with the skills needed to influence others for the good of all. We foster graduates who take responsibility, are aware of issues and problems that require solutions, and can speak and act in ways that inspire trust in those around them. The School of Commerce develops this type of leader.

We hope that you will appreciate and support the fundamental mission, as described above, of the School of Commerce of Waseda University.

Makoto Fujita
Dean, School of Commerce

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