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 Commercial science focuses on the study of the ways companies use resources such as people, goods, money, and information and the kinds of businesses they develop by doing so. Given that economic society is built on the actions of producers and consumers, commercial science also simultaneously studies the interactions between business and the economy, including various economic transactions.

  Waseda University’s School of Commerce regards commercial science not only as research into business but also as a field of study that aims at enriching the economy and society both qualitatively and quantitatively. Dr. Tameyuki Amano, who is considered one of the three major economists of the Meiji period, was involved in the establishment of predecessor of the School of Commerce, and this trend remains strong.

The School of Commerce has been working to develop human resources based on the educational philosophy of cultivating “cultured business leaders” for more than 100 years since its founding in 1904. This reflects the academic breadth and depth of commerce as described above.

“Cultured” here does not mean only the acquisition of expertise. Businesses are developed according to the country, region, society, and culture in which they are established. Like other areas, business is also a place of conflict between diverse values, which is why students need to acquire a wide range of knowledge and develop an international sensibility. Learning culture and history broadens students’ perspectives and sets a direction for the future. Moreover, the business world pursues efficiency, but this is possible precisely because it has business ethics and morals.

The School of Commerce provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities in accordance with its educational philosophy.

School of Commerce students will play an active role in the next generation in industry and are required to cultivate evidence-based logical thinking skills. You should be avid in acquiring knowledge, but I also want you to develop the ability to think something through based on the knowledge you have acquired.

Amid the COVID-19 devastation, there have been changes in business conduct and consumer behavior in the field of commerce, and issues such as the significance of national borders in the context of globalization have also been raised. Taking this opportunity, I would like to invite those interested in and aspire to learn about commerce to join me in investigating what kind of paradigm shift would occur.

Masanori Yokoyama
Dean, School of Commerce

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