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Virtual background images present! Vol.8 “Spring at Waseda”

In May last year, as a project to improve “Stay Home” time, the Cultural Affairs Division began distributing images of the Waseda University campus that can be used as electronic wallpaper, on Zoom, and so on.

(Vol.1 Okuma Auditorium, Vol.2 Waseda University “History for Tomorrow” Museum and Waseda Sports Museum, Vol.3 Campus Scenery, Vol.4 Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum and Aizu Museum, Vol.5 Waseda Museum Week, Vol.6 Autumn Campus, Vol.7 Night Campus *Articles are in Japanese only)

This time, we would like to present Vol.8, “Spring at Waseda”!

On March 14, the cherry blossoms were announced to have bloomed in the Tokyo area, 12 days earlier than usual, but it will still be about a week before they are in full bloom.

For those of you who can’t wait until then, we would like to distribute some pictures of spring scenes that we took in the last few years. They include the cherry blossoms in full bloom at the Kanda River, at the Higo Hosokawa Garden, and other magnificent cherry blossoms around the Waseda campus.

Under the pandemic, it is difficult to enjoy the cherry blossoms as usual, but we hope these will be of use to students matriculating this spring, upper-year students who are hardly able to visit campus, and alumni nostalgic for Waseda.

Click on the title of each photo to download it.

Commercial use, reproduction or infringement of copyright of these photos is prohibited.

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