Classes and PCR Testing Under Extension of the State of Emergency

Classes and PCR Testing Under Extension of the State of Emergency

Mon, May 31, 2021
Classes and PCR Testing Under Extension of the State of Emergency

Classes and PCR Testing Under Extension of the State of Emergency

Dear Students, Faculty Members, and Staff,

I am again writing to let you know that we will not move all classes online right away, despite the government’s re-extension of the state of emergency in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area. We hope to maintain in-person classes to the extent possible, while also fighting of spread of the COVID-19. One exception is faculty members or students with serious concerns about their health: subject to consultation with their school or graduate school, they may be allowed to move online.

Please note that we may change our policies should we face emergency situations in the coming months.

Since May 20, PCR testing has been made available on every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Waseda, Toyama, Nishiwaseda, and Tokorozawa Campus without charge. For more details, please consult the General Affairs Division (Soumubu).

A negative PCR test result is potentially good news but it does not mean you will not contract the coronavirus in the future. Please continue to wear a mask and refrain from having close interactions, particularly drinking or eating, with other people, even after you receive a negative PCR test result.

As we seek to protect the health of ourselves and others, please wash your hands with soap each time you drink or eat. When soap is not available, wash your hands vigorously with water. Washing your hands and using sanitizer after washing can protect you from infectious diseases. Washing your hands regularly will remain a valuable personal practice even upon the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Please let me repeat what I have told you about Waseda’s policies, and why we have stood by them:

  1. Waseda University has replaced air conditioning systems in order to facilitate a high degree of air circulation, at considerable cost. We spent 750 million yen to enable the circulation of 30 cubic meters per hour per person.
  2. To ensure student safety, we will keep the size of each class smaller than half of its capacity, especially for classes that require face-to-face interaction such as laboratories and seminars.
  3. No case of infection has been detected on campus within a classroom setting since April this year.
  4. The number of infections has remained minimal within Waseda University.
  5. We are monitoring the PCR test results of our students, faculty and staff. Should we detect rapid increase of infections among any of them, we will implement appropriate measures immediately.

I greatly appreciate your self-control as we all seek to staunch the spread of COVID. Thank you all for your spirit of cooperation.

Best regards,
Aiji Tanaka
President, Waseda University

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