Waseda’s English website unveils a dynamic, new look

Waseda’s English website unveils a dynamic, new look

Thu, Sep 26, 2019
Waseda’s English website unveils a dynamic, new look

Global community space built for a diverse international audience

Under the concept of creating a global community space where an international audience can be better engaged with and informed by the university, Waseda launched the redesigned English website on September 24.

Waseda prides itself for hosting the most number of international students among Japanese universities, and it has anticipated on improving its website, a virtual gateway and communication/reference tool, so that it will cater to diverse groups of people, such as prospective and current students from overseas and their families.

The update streamlined navigation and simplified content, facilitating intuitive access to and increased visibility of information of their interest, such as academic programs available in English. Not to mention, the modest yet stylish design, bold typography, and refined tone help to convey curated content to effectively deliver the stories related to the ideas and people of Waseda, as well as the latest university news and research.

One of the newest and most innovative features of this website is the “Your interest” function. Users can select a topic of their choice to customize news content on display. The function not only makes the experience personal, but it also allows users to explore and learn more about a side of Waseda they are particularly curious about in a minimal and direct manner.

Other key features include:

  • Improved integration of social media platforms to enhance conversations
  • Easier access to target contents, such as Giving and Virtual Campus Tour
  • A search icon for direct search of a specific content

Explore the redesigned website at

Virtual Campus Tour

Social Media


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