Double degree programs to be launched with Chinese University of Hong Kong

Double degree programs to be launched with Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tue, Aug 20, 2019
Double degree programs to be launched with Chinese University of Hong Kong

On June 24, Waseda University signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to launch undergraduate double degree programs in social science and liberal studies.

The first double degree program focusing on social science disciplines will be officially launched in academic year 2019-20 and the other on liberal studies is currently under planning. In the former, Waseda students enrolled in the Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (TAISI) program offered by the School of Social Sciences will be eligible to apply. As for the latter, it would be a program geared exclusively to students from the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS). Participating students will spend the first two years in their home universities and the last two years at the host universities. Upon successful completion of the necessary requirements set by both universities, students will receive two degree diplomas—one from their home institution and another from the host university—when they graduate.

“We are honored to have signed a new MoU to establish double degree programs with CUHK. Considering that CUHK is an internationally renowned center of excellence in education and research and that Waseda University is now the most globalized university in Japan, the double degree programs will certainly enhance the quality of education in both universities. Students who participate in the programs could also look forward to acquiring new and broader perspectives when studying at their respective host university. The new double degree programs between Waseda and CUHK will also contribute to our efforts in fostering a new generation of leaders who can excel on the global stage,” said President Aiji Tanaka at the signing ceremony.

Waseda and CUHK have a long history of collaboration with the first formal partnership established in 2002. The two universities have since developed multi-faceted partnerships, covering student and faculty exchange. Both universities are also founding members of the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education and part of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

From left: President Aiji Tanaka and President Rocky Tuan from CUHK

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