Waseda’s focus on diversity nurtures compassion, mutual respect

Waseda’s focus on diversity nurtures compassion, mutual respect

Thu, Nov 1, 2018
Waseda’s focus on diversity nurtures compassion, mutual respect

Students arranging flowers for an ikebana event organized by the Intercultural Communication Center (ICC).

To further enhance its attractiveness on the world stage, Waseda University has been implementing bold reforms for internationalization, which include the expansion of English-based degree programs to seven undergraduate and 14 graduate schools, and facilities catered to international students such as the Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) and the Waseda International Student House (WISH). The University takes great pride in the culturally dynamic and intellectually stimulating community that is being created. Furthermore, Waseda not only celebrates cultural and ethnic diversity but is also committed to the inclusivity of all of its members, regardless of their religious beliefs, gender identity, and all other characteristics that shape people into who they are.

Below is an article from the Japan Times, one of the largest and oldest English-language newspaper, which explains how Waseda’s focus on diversity has nurtured a campus culture of compassion and mutual respect. It also features an interview with Francis Therese Calalang,  a Waseda student who shares her educational experience. To read the entire article, click on the image or the link below.

Article in the Japan Times

Article on Waseda University’s efforts in internationalization and in promoting diversity in the Japan Times

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