Waseda and Hiroshima University establish academic exchange agreement

Waseda and Hiroshima University establish academic exchange agreement

Wed, Jan 31, 2018
Waseda and Hiroshima University establish academic exchange agreement

On January 24, an academic exchange agreement was formed between Waseda University and Hiroshima University. This agreement serves to further enhance the development of research and education of both universities, and allows each institute to utilize the research and educational resources of the other party.

From left: President Kamata (Waseda University) and President Ochi (Hiroshima University) shaking hands at

At the signing ceremony, the President of Hiroshima University, Mitsuo Ochi, expressed his hope that the agreement would have mutually complementary and synergetic effect in the field of research and education. On the other hand, President Kaoru Kamata of Waseda University commented on the strong efforts of both universities on educational reform, and remarked that he believes both institutes would act as a stimulus to one another, driving the two universities forward.

Waseda and Hiroshima University were both selected for Category A of the Top Global University project in 2014 by the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology (commonly known as MEXT) of Japan. It is a funding project initiated by MEXT which serves to enhance the global competence of Japan’s national and private universities, in which Category A universities aim to get into global top 100 places in distinguished world university rankings. Additionally, the two universities were also selected by the Japanese government for the University Admission Reform Commissioned Project with the intention to enroll students through a more holistic evaluation process.

Between the two universities, there are already plans in place for collaboration in research and education in the field of power and energy. In the future, plans for other collaborated projects on student exchange, faculty development and staff development would also be carried out. There are hopes that these initiatives would not only benefits academic staff and students, but also spur research and educational development.

Hiroshima University has newly established a new mission for the Institute for Peace Science, “Science for Sustainable Development.” Additionally, a new long term vision SPLENDOR (Sustainable Peace Leader Enhancement by Nurturing Development of Research) Plan 2017, which is in conformity with the university’s founding principle of “a single unified university, free and pursuing peace” through initiatives in the fields of education, research, medicine and social contribution. Over the next 100 years, the university aims to contribute to peace building in both existing and new fields, as well as to realize a “Science for Sustainable Development.”

As a leading university in Asia, Waseda University has developed the mid-long term Waseda Vision 150 which states how the University aims to contribute to the society. As one of the top private universities in Japan, Wasada University works closely with the industry, government and academia to escalate the country’s education and research quality on the global stage. The University also aims to develop policies that would enhance its education and teaching experiences which would lead to producing even more global leaders with deep insight and the hope for contributing to society.


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