2017 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

2017 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

Tue, Aug 8, 2017
2017 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

Singapore tops the list again, Japan rises from 5th to 4th

The 2017 ranking survey marks Singapore staying at first place, followed by Denmark in 2nd, USA in 3rd, Japan in 4th, Estonia in 5th, Canada in 6th, New Zealand in 7th, South Korea in 8th, UK in 9th, and Taiwan ranked 10th.

2017 e-Government (English)

The Waseda University Institute of e-Government (Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI, Director) has released the results of the 2017 Waseda-IAC International e-Government ranking survey, the 13th annual edition.

This survey is conducted by the distinguished experts from Waseda University and 10 world class universities under International Academy of CIO in the field. Thanks for their contributions to the multi-stages of the survey. One of clear change of our survey this year is to recognize the transformation from [e-Government] to [Digital government] as the new definition which covers more comprehensive activities.Both Digital Innovation and Digital Economy are the key for economic growth and challenges.

In the context of continuing ICT development, especially the rising of AI, IoT and Cloud Computing last year, the development of technologies has some impact on Digital Government in 2017. Although there are lots of fluctuations in the usage of AI, it has not yet made much impact on the activities of the government. Few countries have adopted both AI and IoT to improve the quality of service, most of which are concentrated in developed countries such as USA and Denmark.

The process of D-Government ranking in 2017 is evaluating by 10 main indicators and 35 sub-indicators. In addition, we keep a number of countries for evaluation target is 65 countries, same as in 2016. The 2017 rankings are summarized based on a combination of Waseda and IAC (International Academy of CIO), during one year survey, and we prepare the relevant reports from many international conferences and meetings with institutions organized such iii as APEC, ITU and OECD, as well as receiving the comments from experts of IAC member universities.

The 2017 rankings also point to major trends in the usage of ICT in government activities. The report shows that there are some new trends and they continue to grow strongly in the coming years. An analysis for thirteen years of the Waseda – IAC D-GovernmentRankings Survey indicates the following five highlights of the new trends: these are (1) Mobile Government, (2) AI and IoT for Digital Government, (3) Smart City, (4) Cloud Computing Technology and Digital Government, (5) ICT for Anti-Corruption. In addition to the above highlights, there will be five challenges in D-Government to be solved. There are “Digital Innovation-Cloud, IoT, AI applications”, ”Ageing Society”, “Globalization”, “Digital Divide for global and local communities”, ”Urbanization with Smart city-harmonization and Cooperation between Central and Local governments”.

To view the full report, please click here.

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