The newest portal for prospective students “How to WASEDA”

The newest portal for prospective students “How to WASEDA”

Thu, Aug 31, 2017
The newest portal for prospective students “How to WASEDA”

Waseda University presents “How to WASEDA,” a website presenting information on student life at Waseda in English. We invite everyone interested, whether you are a prospective student or simply interested in studying abroad in Japan, to visit “How to WASEDA.”

“How to WASEDA” is the newest portal for prospective students and those considering a Japanese university to better picture themselves in Japan. It includes more in-depth information in comparison with “WHY WASEDA?,” an introductory website sharing facts about Waseda’s learning environment and Tokyo in thirteen languages.

Student Life – HOW TO WASEDA

“How to WASEDA” consists of seven sections: “Study Program,” “Student Support,” “Student Life,” “Study Abroad,” “Careers,” “Tuition and Finance,” and “Admission.” The website explains specific details about studying at Waseda, for example, on its English-based degree programs, health insurance, student housing, financial aid, and careers after graduation. For better user experience, the website is designed so that all this information could be found on one page without being redirected anywhere.

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