Learning in the green

Learning in the green

Fri, Apr 28, 2017
Learning in the green

Learning commons opens at Tokorozawa Library

The Waseda Library is a place for accumulating knowledge. Our library boasts the largest book collection of all university libraries in Japan, and its resources include magazines, electronic journals, databases, and more. With all types of academic resources available, it is made of five libraries located on different campuses: Central Library, S. Takata Memorial Research Library, Toyama Library, Science & Engineering Library, and Tokorozawa Library.

The Tokorozawa Library is a research and learning library which opened in May 1987, when the School of Human Sciences was founded. It houses more than 180,000 books and about 1,800 journals related mainly to human and sport sciences. Waseda University students and faculty/staff members can access online databases and e-resources through the University LAN.


Soundproofed learning commons area

In general, university libraries have the reputation of being places where people can search for and quietly read materials related to their coursework and research. For this reason, there are many quiet spaces where visitors can browse materials. However, to meet the demands of today, university libraries must adapt to changes occurring in the world.

As part of Waseda Vision 150, developments and spread of information and communication technology are being utilized to create a new era of the library. One particular area being improved is the implementation of various educational methods.

To further enhance the learning experience of students, the Tokorozawa Library opened its learning commons this April.

The audiovisual and information retrieval rooms were renovated into areas for group studies and practicing presentations, to support active learning on campus. Active learning emphasizes interactivity and the process of identifying and solving problems, and aims to strengthen students’ thinking, communication, and leadership skills. Furthermore, the Tokorozawa Library takes full advantage of its greenery, exemplified by relaxation areas and open air commons.

Learning commons are becoming more prevalent at Waseda University. In addition to this new learning commons at the Tokorozawa Library, “W Space” is a creative learning commons located in Building 3, 7 and 19-2 at the Waseda Campus. The Waseda University Library aims to provide more access to materials and information, as well as cater to new ways of learning for students.

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