Student Study Abroad Report 2017 #1 University of Sydney (Australia)

Student Study Abroad Report 2017 #1 University of Sydney (Australia)

Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Student Study Abroad Report 2017 #1 University of Sydney (Australia)

Videos from Waseda students around the world

The Waseda Vision 150 strategic plan lays out the University’s development goals intended to be met by 2032, Waseda’s 150th anniversary. The plan sets high numerical goals, such as having all its students study abroad.

To encourage this, some Waseda students studying abroad have volunteered to record their daily life overseas with their smartphones, so that they can share what their experience has been like. Known as the Student Study Abroad Report, these video series began in 2016, featuring universities such as Jean Moulin University Lyon III and Leiden University. They act as visual resources to show the variety of programs available at the University.

The video below is from a student currently at the University of Sydney, and it is the first of the series in 2017.

Hopefully, these videos will give a more realistic insight into what studying abroad is actually like and inspire all students to have the experience of their lifetime.

*English subtitles available

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