University President Kaoru Kamata receives honorary doctorate from Peking University

University President Kaoru Kamata receives honorary doctorate from Peking University

Mon, Sep 26, 2016
University President Kaoru Kamata receives honorary doctorate from Peking University

Waseda University President Kaoru Kamata received an honorary doctorate from Peking University. A conferral ceremony was held at the Yingjie Exchange Center on September 20.


“Waseda University is a prestigious research university with an outstanding reputation in Japan and throughout the world,” Peking University President Lin commented. “President Kamata is not only an established scholar of law, but he is also a practitioner and innovator in the field of higher education. For more than a decade, Peking University and Waseda University have forged close ties, making significant contributions for cultural and academic exchanges between China and Japan. Both universities plan to further collaborate by offering and taking advantages of resources available to each other with the goal of fostering global leaders in mind.”

During the ceremony, President Kamata described this recognition as not only as an honor for himself but as a reward for all faculty, staff, and students at Waseda University, symbolizing the trust and friendship between the two universities. “I was presented this honorary doctorate on behalf of Waseda University with the understanding that we must brace ourselves to meet the expectations for forming a stronger bond between the two institutions. With this acknowledgement as stimulus, Waseda University promises to do its best for further educating talented leaders who will play a vital role in developing a lasting Japan-China relationship.”

Waseda University accepted its first international students from China in 1899. Since then, the University established the School for Chinese Students in 1905 and has proactively accepted Chinese international students. Some Chinese students who studied at Waseda in the past have contributed to the development of Peking University and modern-day China, including the founding members of the Chinese Communist Party, Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao. Due to such historical backdrop, Waseda University and Peking University established an educational partnership in 1982 and together they offer a variety of opportunities, such as the Double Degree Program.

Taking this honorary doctorate bestowed on President Kamata as a momentum, Waseda University will continue to strengthen its relationship with Peking University and foster leaders who will make positive impact on our global society.

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