Students behind Museum Week

Students behind Museum Week

Mon, Jul 4, 2016
Students behind Museum Week

Did you enjoy Museum Week last month?

If you happened to see students busily running around in bright pink t-shirts, they were most likely Waseda Advertising Society (WAS) members organizing the event.

WAS members designed not only their t-shirts but also the flags hanging in the Nanmon Shopping Arcade and posters across campus. They even created the event’s catchy promotion video. Not to mention, the members were at the Museum Week events, standing by to provide whatever support the participants needed.

According to Koudai Ueda, the main organizer, he bore in mind to make an impact with the phrase “The Unexpected is waiting” on the back of the T-shirts while keeping the logo design on the flags simple. He said the following:

By participating in Museum Week, I felt privileged to see a new side of Waseda as I reconfirmed all the cultural institutions housed at the University. Museum Week is an event where many different kinds of people and groups gather to celebrate culture. I hope that many people will come to Museum Week again next year to embrace what Waseda University has to offer.

Although the WAS members faced challenges in creating posters and WEB advertisements, but they did not compromise their design so that they can appeal to as many visitors as possible.

Behind the scenes of the festivity, there were many students dedicated to running the event. We look forward to having many visitors again next year.

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