Taiko drums beating during Museum Week 2016

Taiko drums beating during Museum Week 2016

Fri, Jun 17, 2016
Taiko drums beating during Museum Week 2016

Entrance of Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, 6/14/2016

We’re right in the midst of Waseda Museum Week 2016, taking place from June 13 – 24. Live performances by Waseda University students, ranging from cheerleading to orchestras, are held in front of the entrance of Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (or more commonly known as “Enpaku”) during lunch time from 12:20 – 12:50. On June 14, there was an awesome show by Sakigake Hibiki, a Japanese Taiko (traditional drum) squad on campus.

The powerful beating of the drums echoed throughout campus. Hibiki’s performance was full of energy and excitement. Leader Yusuke Ogata said, “We practiced with our heart and soul so that we could perform today and reach out to our audience.” He also added passionately, “It’s only been 7 years since the founding of Sakigake Hibiki, so we don’t have a long established history yet. However, I believe we were able to convey the tradition of Waseda’s culture and the beauty of the Japanese taiko today. Because we are a new club on campus, we have unlimited capabilities and possibilities. I would appreciate it if you could support us along the way.”

From 3 – 4 PM on the same day, a group of participants walked around campus for an hour with Ken Yabuno, an artist, Waseda University Honorary fellow, and a member of the Japan Art Academy. Yabuno explained the different pieces on display at Waseda, including his own pieces, and the tour ended in tranquility. The same museum tour is planned for the 21st at the same time.

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