President Kamata, soaring in the grand blue sky

President Kamata, soaring in the grand blue sky

Fri, Jun 10, 2016
President Kamata, soaring in the grand blue sky

On June 5, 2016, University President Kaoru Kamata visited members, instructors, and alumni of the Waseda Aviation Club and took a glider ride at the Menuma Gliding Field in Kumagaya City, Saitama Pref. This was President Kamata’s first gliding experience.


Aside from President Kamata, the vice president for the Promotion of Sports and Olympic/Paralympic Projects and the associate director, administrative director, and staff of the Athletic Center participated in this occasion. Although it had been raining, the Menuma Gliding Field was in great condition for flying by the time the President arrived. After his arrival, the President observed practice runway at the Japan Students Aviation League Menuma Gliding Field, and a member of the Club guided the President around their maintenance area.


At the Menuma Gliding Field, the Club’s President and Alumni Association President among others warmly welcomed President Kamata. The aviation club’s alum, Kazuaki Morita (the younger brother of Akio Morita, the founder of SONY) was also present. President Kamata received instructions on the instrumentation and other technical aids on the glider before his lift off.


Instructor Narukawa sat behind the President and took control of the glider. The glider soared high in the sky at once as the winch pulled the cable. The glider elevated to 400m using aerodynamics at 90km/hr during the 15-minute flight.

The glider then landed smoothly on the runway of Menuma Gliding Field. After landing, the President took pictures with the Club members.

In an interview with Waseda Sports, the President commented, “The flight was very steady, and I had such a great time. The members of Waseda Aviation Club use their facilities with care, and the club is very well organized. I hope that the Waseda Aviation Club will continue to lead aviation clubs among Japanese universities.”

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