What can you learn at the School of Sport Sciences?

What can you learn at the School of Sport Sciences?

Thu, Jun 2, 2016
What can you learn at the School of Sport Sciences?

Compete. Train. Cheer. Watch. Everyone in society can participate in this cultural and social event known as sports that enriches our lives.

At the School of Sport Sciences, you can learn about sports from all angles, including sports psychology, team management, and biomechanics. What makes our programs special is the wide variety of the comprehensive, scholarly courses we offer. We hope our students will become professionals in the field with excellent communication skills, knowledge in their expertise, and ambitions to promote sports in many people’s lives.

We prepare our students to become successful internationally by providing intensive language programs through international exchange. Moreover, the School offers opportunities for students to collaborate with a medical clinic on campus (where it focuses on conditioning, medicine, reconditioning, nutrition, and mental health).

The courses available at the School of Sport Sciences are the following: Medicine and Science in Sport, Health Promotion, Athletic Training Conditioning, Sport Coaching, Sport Education, Sport Business, and Sport Culture.

Five faculty members from some of these courses talk about their course and research in the videos below.

Professor Hiroaki Masaki on the Course of Medicine and Science in Sport

Professor Norikazu Hirose on the Course of Athletic Training Conditioning

Professor Shigeo Iso on the Course of Sport Coaching

Professor Hirotaka Matsuoka on the Course of Sport Business

Professor Tsuneo Sogawa on the Course of Sport Culture

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