【Student Voices】Waseda was the obvious choice

【Student Voices】Waseda was the obvious choice

Tue, Jun 7, 2016
【Student Voices】Waseda was the obvious choice

政治経済学部I lived in many countries when I was a child, but among them I loved Japan the best. Waseda was the most reputable university I found with the highest number of established courses available in English. It was the obvious choice. I knew there would be cultural differences, but they did not prove to be an issue. Japanese people are very friendly, polite, and punctual. I’m in the Department of Global Political Economy. I’ve always been interested in politics and why economies succeed or fail; and I found the department to have excellent faculty members. I am considering work involving foreign countries in the future, such as intelligence or diplomacy. Outside the classroom, I also made many Japanese friends in the soccer club and was able to practice my Japanese with them.

Oscar Frederick Hard (UK)
2nd year, School of Political Science and Economics
Department of Global Political Economy
Graduated from Westminster School

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