International graduates working in Japan quadruple over past six years

International graduates working in Japan quadruple over past six years

Fri, Dec 4, 2015
International graduates working in Japan quadruple over past six years

Data collected from September 2014 and March 2015 graduates shows that 36.2% of international students began working in Japan shortly after graduation. As part of Waseda’s strategic plan, Waseda Vision 150, the University launched the Job Hunting Support Project for International Students, which provides guidance for international students. This includes information seminars, Japanese language acquisition initiatives, Japanese-English guidebooks, and one-on-one consultation.


International students looking for employment in Japan

There are several reasons for the increase of international graduates looking for work in Japan. The decrease in students that are “Undecided” and increase in students that are “Looking for Employment” may be the result of a trend in which students initiate their job-hunting activities after graduation rather than in their third or fourth year as a student (the norm in Japan).  Other “Undecided” students may be considering working in their home country or abroad. International students that would like to focus on their studies up until graduation are able to change their visa status from “College Student” to “Designated Activities” in order to look for employment.

Working in Japan

Japanese companies seek international students with a high-level understanding of Japanese language and culture. This is a considerable hurdle for international students looking to work in Japan. The Career Center emphasizes the importance of Japanese language acquisition and supports international students in their studies. We are also working with globalizing Japanese companies to help them consider the benefits of employing international students and utilizing their linguistic and cultural diversity.

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