Waseda University website wins 2015 “Good Design Award”

Waseda University website wins 2015 “Good Design Award”

Mon, Oct 5, 2015
Waseda University website wins 2015 “Good Design Award”


The Good Design Award has been the only comprehensive award for design in Japan since 1957. It is awarded to designs that encompass “endless, continuous innovation” and to designers and companies both in and outside of Japan.

This year’s Good Design Award was awarded to the Waseda University website (which includes over 80 sub websites). Waseda’s website was praised for its unique visual style, layout, branding, and integrated news platform that continuously outputs news in English and Japanese.

Recipients of the Good Design Award will be featured at the “Good Design Exhibition 2015 (G Exhibition)” taking place from October 30 in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi.





Message from Waseda University President Kamata

The Waseda University website was redesigned last year in order to promote awareness of the University’s activities throughout the word. As the Award Committee has commented, Waseda’s website and integrated news platform makes it unique compared to other university websites in Japan. Using this Award as inspiration, I want to continue spreading accessible information regarding our research and education throughout the world.

As a leading university in Asia that continues to contribute to the world at large, our work is far from over.

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