2015 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

2015 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

Mon, Jun 22, 2015
2015 Waseda-IAC International e-Government Rankings

Waseda University, Tokyo, in cooperation with the International Academy of CIOs (IAC), has released the results of its annual international e-government rankings survey for 2015.

This publication represents the eleventh consecutive year of the global e-government survey by the team of Professor Toshio OBI, Director of the Waseda University Institute of e-Government and experts at worldwide IAC member universities.

The results of the survey find Singapore in first place, followed by the United States, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Korea. Japan was 6th, Australia 7th, Estonia 8th, Canada 9th and Norway ranked 10th.

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During this yearlong survey, research was conducted through the organization of workshops and forums, and the team held professional meetings and discussions with a variety of international and national organizations to improve oversight and objectivity. These groups include the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the World Bank (WB), United Nations and many other government agencies, think tanks and NGO/NPOs involved with e-government matters around the world. 2015 is the eleventh year of the Waseda e-Government Ranking, and second year of cooperation with International Academy of CIO (

To assess and evaluate the details of e-government preparedness and to align with new trends in e-government 9 main indicators with 32 sub-indicators have been evaluated. The Waseda-IAC group removed Cambodia, Iran and Uzbekistan, countries at the bottom of the rankings from 2012 to 2014. In addition, in order to obtain comprehensive findings on the e-Government around the world, this year, five countries are added as subjects of this research: Ireland, Bahrain, Morocco, Costa Rica and Oman. This year’s survey covers 63 countries, compared to 61 last year. In order to obtain and assess the latest and the most accurate data, the study is conducted  in cooperation with researchers at partner universities around the world, including George Mason University (USA), United Nations University, Bocconi University (Italy), Turku University (Finland), Peking University (China), Thammasat University (Thailand), De La Salle University (Philippines), Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia), National University of Singapore, Federal Academy School of IT Management (Russia) as well as the main contributor, Waseda University (Japan).

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Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI, Director

Institute of e-Government

Waseda University, Tokyo

Email: [email protected]

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