Path to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – Research to support female athletes

Path to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – Research to support female athletes

Mon, Jun 1, 2015
Path to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – Research to support female athletes

Dietary intervention in response to menstrual cycles, cosmetic surgery, psychiatry, and athletic training


The enthusiastic Professor Motoko Taguchi

A research team led by Professor Motoko Taguchi of the Faculty of Sport Sciences has been entrusted to spearhead a research project on support for female athletic development by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

taguchi3女性アスリートの食事例 出典:(公財)東京都スポーツ文化事業団

An example meal for a female athlete

This research, in cooperation with Waseda researchers in nutrition, cosmetic surgery, psychiatry, and athletic training, is leading to ways of minimizing health risks among female athletes and enabling injured athletes to return to their respective sports.

A consensus among the International Olympic Committee on the correlation between psychological conditions and low energy output has not yet been examined scientifically within Japan in regards to female athletes. However, in cooperation with faculty, we are scientifically examining the effects of dietary intervention in response to individual menstrual cycles on health and performance. We hope to use the results of this research to support female athletes and their development. Research results are also expected to be utilized by coaches, sports organizations, and athletic specialists. “Using this research, I would like to develop a “Waseda Method”,” says the enthusiastic Professor Taguchi.

taguchi2女性アスリートの国際競争力向上が期待される 出典:田口研究室Society is hoping to strengthen the international competitive ability of women athletes. Waseda is of course committing itself to athletic research leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, but also for the world of Japanese sports.

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