New course numbering system

New course numbering system

Wed, Mar 11, 2015
New course numbering system

From 2015, all course information can be searched for on the “Web Syllabus” based on subject and level. This system, which had already been utilized for organizing courses in the School of International Liberal Studies, allows students to create a structured list of courses, using the course codes as a reference, based on the courses’ description in the syllables and their individual interests.

This system will allows users to understand how courses are distributed across individual schools and allow international students to easily select courses and transfer credits from and to overseas universities.

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Waseda University Course Code
All codes consist of 8 characters: 4 letters – 3 numerals – 1 letter.

The letters refer to a subject’s field and the three numerals refer to Level, Course Number, and Class Style.


①    Large Classification = Primary Subject

②    Middle Classification  = Secondary Subject

“X” = no secondary subject

③    Small Classification Code = Specification

 Please refer to “Waseda University Subject Field Code Sheet” for details.

 ④   Course Level

⑤ Subject Number = Course Identifier

⑥    Class Format

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