[Video] “Pinoko” robot theatrical debut

[Video] “Pinoko” robot theatrical debut

Fri, Feb 27, 2015
[Video] “Pinoko” robot theatrical debut

The Human Art Theater hosted the “Fusion of Comics & Theater” production based on the works of Osamu Tezuka from February 18-22.  We now bring you a video of the “Pinoko” robot that debuted in the theatrical adaptation of the classic manga, “Black Jack.”

Pinoko is a popular character from the “Black Jack” manga and was brought to life as a robot by the Faculty of Science and Engineering’s Takanishi Laboratory.  Pinoko first appears in the chapter “Teratoid Cystoma” where she is constructed from a mass of organs and given the appearance of a human child by the unlicensed but genius surgeon known as Black Jack.

Equipped with 25 motors and a CCD camera, the Pinoko robot debuted in the theatrical adaptation and viewers were moved by the detailed movements of “Pinoko” as she reacted to her new body and become aware of the world around her.

*The above video is taken from a rehearsal and may differ from the actual performance.

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