Completing a comprehensive agreement with Swiss business school IMD; Training business executives to be active in international society

Tue, May 8, 2012
President Kamata shaking hands with IMD President Turpin (right)

President Kamata shaking hands with IMD President Turpin (right)

In February, Waseda University concluded a comprehensive agreement with IMD (International Institute of Management and Development) (President Dominique Turpin) , one of the world’s leading business schools based in Switzerland, in order to raise our level of education and research even more from a global perspective through mutual academic exchanges in education and research fields. It is thought that, through this agreement, we can expect Waseda University to jointly develop and implement a diverse range of educational programs with IMD, and also contribute in expanding international education programs. Waseda is the first Japanese university to tie up with IMD.

The IMD campus is located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is surrounded by a tranquil atmosphere and beautiful, widespread nature at its doorstep. A higher education organization with more than 60 years of history, about 8000 business executives from 98 countries participate in the school’s program every year, with many graduates being active in the front line of international business.

On April 3, President Turpin, who was visiting Japan, met with President Kaoru Kamata. President Turpin stated, “By linking up with Waseda University, a prominent Asian university, and together improving quality of education and research, I would like to establish IMD’s image in Japan. I believe that this agreement will contribute to both schools, and by making the most of the strengths of a Swiss business school with many global corporations, can contribute to the internationalization of Japanese businesses. I would like us to mutually complement each other in areas where we are lacking.”

President Kamata promised mutual development and replied, “In a time where business has globalized, it is difficult for business schools in any country to conduct research and education alone. Although this is Asia, in China, South Korea, India and Vietnam, the business places all have different characteristics. It is important to make use of the strengths of various business schools and create networks.”


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