The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster, Three Years On <br>Waseda’s Contributions to Recovery and Rebuilding

The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster, Three Years On
Waseda’s Contributions to Recovery and Rebuilding

Thu, Mar 20, 2014
The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster, Three Years On <br>Waseda’s Contributions to Recovery and Rebuilding
Recovery Map From Waseda’s CAMPUS NOW magazine

Recovery Map
From Waseda’s CAMPUS NOW magazine

Immediately after the disaster in 2011, Waseda created the Office for Aiding Reconstruction, comprising three pillars of activity: aid, especially scholarship funding, for affected students; support for disaster-stricken areas, such as volunteer work and recovery donations; and support through research into recovery and rebuilding. Including nearly 300 million yen collected through its Supporters Club, Waseda has leveraged all its resources to support recovery and rebuilding efforts. These efforts are still continuing today.

With the third anniversary this month, Waseda is reviewing its activities. A special report in the university’s magazine examines the academic perspective and the university’s approach to natural disasters.

CAMPUS NOW Special Report on Support for Recovery Efforts (in Japanese; English version coming soon)

Message from Waseda’s President

On the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, Waseda University expresses its condolences for the victims and heartfelt sympathy to all the people affected by the disaster.

Waseda University continues to work in support of recovery efforts, based on three pillars: aid for affected students; assistance for communities in the disaster area; and support through research activities. We see our recovery assistance as a way for the university to contribute its knowledge and vitality to society, while also providing invaluable experience and discoveries for our students and faculty.

Waseda will continue its all-hands approach, leveraging research and educational resources for the benefit of Japan and international society.

March 11, 2014
Kaoru Kamata
President, Waseda University

Waseda’s Engagement
  • 1. Waseda’s Response to the disaster
  • 2. The Office for Aiding Reconstruction
  • 3. WASEDA Supporters Club
Support for Affected Students
  • 4. Tuition Waivers for Current Students
Support for Affected Areas
  • 5. Ikuo Hirayama Memorial Volunteer Center (WAVOC)
Recovery-Focused Research
  • 6. Center for Research on Reconstruction
  • 7. “Shinsaigo wo kangaeru” (Reflections After The Disaster) booklet (Japanese)

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