Profiles of 2014 Combined Entrance Ceremony Speakers

Tue, Mar 25, 2014

Combined Entrance Ceremony, Tuesday, April 1

Part 1 Speaker: Takashi Atouda

Takashi Atouda

Takashi Atouda

Novelist, recipient of Waseda Award for Distinguished Service to Art

Graduate of Waseda University School of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Former Naoki Prize selection committee member. Former Chairman, Japan PEN Club. Waseda Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee. Debuted in 1976 with “From The Refrigerator With Love”. In 1979 “The Visitor” won the Japan Mystery Writers prize, and his short story collection, “Mad About Napoleon”, won the Naoki Prize. In 1995 “New Tales of Troy” won the Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize. Recipient of numerous other awards, including national Medal with Purple Ribbon (2003) and Order of the Rising Sun(2009) . Recipient of Waseda Award for Distinguished Service to Art (2011) . Director of Yamanashi Prefectural Library since 2012. Known for a special brand of black humor found in daily life, and for vernacular retelling of ancient Greek mythology and Shakespearean materials.

Part 2: Awards for Distinguished Service to Sports: Hiroshi Hibino

Hiroshi Hibino

Hiroshi Hibino

Waseda University Professor Emeritus, Chairman Emeritus of Japan Rugby Football Association, Advisor to Japan Amateur Sports Association.

Graduate of Waseda University School of Education. Served eight terms as manager of Waseda rugby football, leading the club to Japan university and national championships. Owns records of 35 win streak in official matches and 60 straight wins in Kanto university league games. Chosen as manager of the national team in 1976, he made major contributions to the development of rugby in Japan. Began lecturing at Waseda in 1981, working to develop future leaders. Served on Japan Amateur Sports Association board of directors, Japan Rugby Football Association vice chairman. Recipient of Japan Amateur Sports Association/Olympic Committee Special Contributor award (2011) , Order of the Rising Sun (2013) .

Part 3 Speaker: Mami Sato

Mami Sato

Mami Sato

Paralympian (Women’s Long Jump) . Affiliated with Suntory Holdings.

From Miyagi Prefecture, Kesen-numa City, graduate of Waseda University (2004) . Studying sports business at Waseda Graduate School of Sport Sciences since 2011.

Uses a prosthetic leg since surgery to remove a tumor during her university career, began athletic competition during rehabilitation. Has competed in three consecutive Paralympics (Athens 2004, Bejing 2008, London 2012) . Became known in 2013 for moving speeches as a presenter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Bidding Committee.

Part 4 Speaker: Iwao Ohdomari

Iwao Ohdomari

Iwao Ohdomari

Waseda Professor Emeritus, Doctor of Engineering

1965 graduate in science & engineering. Following employment at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, received doctorate in engineering in 1972 and appointed as lecturer at Waseda, and professor in 1979. Emeritus since 2009. Renowned for his work in nanoelectronics, he mentored over 50 PhDs. He represented the university from 1993 for the Education Ministry’s science research funding special promotion, and from 2001 for the ministry’s Center of Excellence (COE) formation study, making great contributions to Waseda’s research development. His honors and awards include the Surface Science Society of Japan Award (2006) , inaugural Fellow award from the Japan Society of Applied Physics (2007) , Okuma Memorial Academic Prize (2008) , Japan Society of Applied Physics Outstanding Achievement Award (2010) .

Graduate School Combined Entrance Ceremony, Wednesday, April 2

Honorary Fellow Award: Kotaro Suzumura

Kotaro Suzumura

Kotaro Suzumura

Former professor of Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor Emeritus of Hitotsubashi University. 1966 graduate (Economics) , Doctor of Economics (1980) , Hitotsubashi University.

Former lecturer at London School of Economics, former assistant professor at Kyoto University, appointed professor at Hitotsubashi in 1984. Former researcher at Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge. Appointed professor at Waseda upon retirement from Hitotsubashi in 2008, active in mentoring young researchers. World renowned in fields of welfare economics, social choice theory, leader of Japanese economic studies. Awards include national Medal with Purple Ribbon (2004) , Japan Academy Prize (2006) , Member of The Japan Academy (2011) . Served as President of the Japanese Economic Association, President of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, Director of Japan Fair Trade Commission Competition Policy Research Center, Vice President of Science Council of Japan, President of Japan Law and Economics Association.

Honorary Fellow Award: Ken Yabuno

Ken Yabuno

Ken Yabuno

Painter, Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Professor of Intermedia Art and Science. Vice President of Niki Art Association, Member of the Japan Art Academy.

Completed the Master’s Program in Art History, specializing in architectural history, at Waseda University in 1969. Studied classical art at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Art (Spain) . Exhibited at Niki Association while a student in 1965. Awards include the Niki Exhibition Minister of Education Prize (1991) , Yasui Prize Honorable Mention (1978) , 3rd Place for the Shell Prize (1978) , Showa Kaiten Grand Prix, Okuma Memorial Academic Prize. Received the Japan Art Academy Prize (2008) for “One Day on a Hill in Assisi”. Member of the Japan Art Academy. Appointed Waseda University lecturer in 1976, served as Professor at Musashino Art University from 1990, Professor at Waseda Art and Architecture School from 1999, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering since 2010.

He is an innovator in finding cross-over and overlap of expression in painting, engineering and other fields, especially in the theme of “memory, place and expression”. He is the author of many books, and individual exhibitions including Galerie Nichido, Mitsukoshi Gallery and Fuchu Art Museum.


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