Waseda chosen as one of Japan’s Top Global Universities

Waseda chosen as one of Japan’s Top Global Universities

Fri, Oct 10, 2014
Waseda chosen as one of Japan’s Top Global Universities

Waseda University has been chosen by the Education Ministry in the top class of research schools to lead Japanese academia in the global era through its Top Global University Project (TGUP). Waseda is one of only two private institutions to qualify with eleven national public universities in the most exclusive Type A category, and 24 universities were chosen in the Type B group.

The ministry’s TGU project will provide major funding over ten years, to support the Waseda Goes Global plan, a blueprint for building an open, dynamic and diverse worldwide academic network.

Waseda Goes Global, also known as the Ocean concept, is a ten-year plan to connect the University with the world and revolutionize its research and education programs, amidst the dynamic currents of global scholarship, to train 100,000 graduates for global leadership and to secure a global top 100 ranking in at least 18 of its 25 research areas.

Model Subjects

Six areas which have earned high standing internationally will be the focus of priority investment for further development.

  • Positive Political Economy
  • Japan Culture Studies
  • Health and Sport Sciences
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • ICT & Robotics
  • NanoEnergy Materials

Program Milestones

The program includes the following numerical targets, which represent accelerated implementation of the Waseda Vision 150 strategic plan.

SGU targets chart (revised 12-15)

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