Employment and Internships for Students

Career Center

The Career Center assists students in identifying and pursuing their career goals through a variety of programs.

External Partnerships

External Affairs and Fund-Raising Section

Waseda University has maintained its relationship with neighboring communities, businesses, alumni and society at large. This will lead to addressing and resolving societal issues facing Japan and the world today through innovative approaches.

The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC)

WAVOC offers various programs which combine lectures with hands-on activities in the field.

Technology / IP Seeds

Find out more about Waseda’s own technology and intellectual property (IP) “seeds”

University Magazines

WASEDA DIGEST email magazine

WASEDA DIGEST is Waseda University’s email newsletter, with news and information about Waseda’s teaching, research, outreach and other activities.

Waseda Weekly

Waseda Weekly is a magazine for students published by the Student Affairs Division.

Campus Now

Waseda Weekly is a magazine for parents, faculty and staff published by the Public Relations Office.

For the MediaInformation, contacts, request forms and links for the media.

Press Release

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