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Developing our Human Resources

Waseda’s future depends on its staff

In order to reach the goals of Waseda Vision 150 and fulfill the University’s mission, staff must create pioneering strategies, and patiently execute them in collaboration with our stakeholders, including the faculty and students. Staff are expected to display leadership on the global stage, and to create new value for the University and society.

With this in mind, in 2014 we formulated the Waseda University Staff Development Guidance, which sets out our approach to human resources training for all staff; the SD Program Development Policy, our basic policy on future human resources training programs, which sets out our vision for our 150th anniversary in 2032; Capabilities and Specialist Skills Required of Staff, and Outline of Human Resources Development, which clarify the capabilities and specialized skills required of our staff in order to fulfill their roles as we implement the Waseda Vision 150 strategies.

Waseda University has always prioritized and generously invested in training programs for its staff. However, we will enhance our training programs further, and achieve maximum development of human resources through day-to-day work, OJT, self-development and project participation.  Through these efforts, we expect to see greater abilities, skills and specialization of individual members of staff, greater achievement as a whole, and the fulfilment of our University’s mission. At the same time, we also expect to see growth in the range of our staff’s activities, and diversification and enhancement of career-building for individual members of staff.

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