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The challenge to Waseda's staff


Universities are faced with rapid changes in their environment.

These changes include the formation of a knowledge-based society, the rapid advance of globalization and increasing global competition among universities, a falling birthrate and aging domestic society, and increasingly tough competition for research funding.  In response to these trends, universities are faced with the challenge of responding as quickly as possible and increasing their value-added to society.

As we seek to fulfill our mission as a university, Waseda University has formulated a strategic plan, Waseda Vision 150, with the aim of building on the progress already made and cementing a firm position as Asia’s Leading University.

As part of these efforts, the expectations of our staff are increasingly diversified, creating an increasingly broad range of opportunities to work in various fields.  The content of work is becoming more challenging, thus requiring specialized knowledge and skills.  Specifically, there is a need for strategic efforts to deliver world-class education and research, supporting our students, collaborating with teaching staff in the formulation of education and research programs, recruiting students from overseas, developing educational systems with the aim of building partnerships with society, collaborations with other universities, research institutions and companies both in Japan and overseas, and obtaining external funding.

It is important to remain sensitive to the University’s external environment and to respond quickly and flexibly.  Simply doing the same things today that we did yesterday, our University will be left behind by the advance of society.  It is necessary for each and every member of the staff to possess an awareness of the issues, to think independently, to share knowledge with one another, to create new services and products, and to execute their jobs with a sense of responsibility.

Our staff strives daily to promote innovation and evolution with passion and pride as we go about building the second century at Waseda University.

We are delighted that you have taken an interest in working as a member of the Waseda University team.  We look forward to attracting unique individuals who will work together towards Waseda’s future goals with a passion for improving our education and research and helping our students grow.

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