Double degree program launched with Tsinghua University

The Graduate School of Social Sciences at Waseda University and the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University have jointly signed an academic agreement to officially launch a double master’s degree program—a first between the two universities.

Two to three students from each university are expected to participate in the program each year, spending one year at the respective host university. Participating students will have the choice to take classes in English, Japanese and Chinese and the program will allow them to be exposed to different teaching methods and research approaches from experts in both universities. After returning to their home university, participating students will have to submit two theses, one to the home university and another to the host university. If the theses meet the requirements set by both universities, students will be awarded two separate master’s diplomas upon graduation.

Professor Gemma (left) and Professor Peng (right), Dean of School of Social Science at Tsinghua University

Waseda and Tsinghua established its first agreement in 1996 to promote exchange between faculty and students, as well as to formalize the agreement on sharing of academic resources. In addition, Waseda has also conferred honorary degrees to two former Tsinghua presidents, Professor Wang Dazhong and Professor Gu Binglin.

The university hopes that the newly signed academic agreement will further promote exchange between faculty members and students of the two universities in research and education.

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