Waseda University Day held at University of Bonn

On May 13, the Waseda University Day was held at the University of Bonn in Germany. The aim of the event was to strengthen exchange and partnership, particularly in the field of research, between the two universities. Approximately 40 researchers and students from Waseda, including President Aiji Tanaka and Professor Masahiko Genma (Vice-president for International Affairs), attended the event.

“Among the many German universities which Waseda formed partnerships with, the University of Bonn possess the longest history in German higher education. Bonn is no doubt a leading university that Waseda wants to strengthen ties with into the future. In order to do so, it is important that we actively provide opportunities for young researchers of the two universities to interact and network with one another,” says President Tanaka at the opening session.

During a talk between President Tanaka and Rector Michael Hoch of Bonn, both parties exchanged views on the challenges the universities were facing and on further raising the standards and quality of research and education of the two universities. They share the same view that there is a need for both parties to form future strategic partnerships in working towards becoming a world class higher institution.

On the Waseda University Day at Bonn, four workshops surrounding research fields on 1) life science, 2) AI and robotics, 3) Japanese studies and 4) philosophy were also held. They served as an enriching experience for both junior and senior researchers of the two universities to interact and gain international perspectives.

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