Spring 2018 Entrance Ceremonies

On April 1 – 3, the Spring 2018 Entrance Ceremonies were held for the 8,706 undergraduate and 2,979 graduate students at the Okuma Auditorium. Together with the 969 students who were admitted in September 2017, Waseda University welcomes a total of 12,644 students, which 1,714 of them, or 14% of the incoming class, are international students from abroad. Uniquely talented and exceptional students have gathered here at Waseda University from all across the country and around the world.

University President Kamata shared his enthusiasm for the newest members of the Waseda community. He addressed in his congratulatory speech that, “I encourage the newly admitted students to independently and ambitiously take advantage of the University’s finest academic environment, as well as opportunities to learn together with and be stimulated by the unique and diverse group of students and faculty. By doing so, I sincerely hope that you will develop the necessary skills, mindset, and character to live fearlessly in a world full of uncertainty and lead the future.”

President Kamata

Scenes from Spring 2018 Entrance Ceremonies


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